Founded in 1980, Princeton Center for Clinical Research (PCCR) has evolved into one of the largest clinical research sites in New Jersey with more than 50 years combined research experience. PCCR is affiliated with Princeton Allergy and Asthma Associates PA, which is considered one of the leading clinical practices in New Jersey.

We have participated in the development of most presently used treatments for allergies and asthma. Our site is dedicated to clinical


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research in the fields of allergy and asthma care in adults and children. Our caring and professional staff works diligently to maintain a highly qualified and proven research atmosphere that brings together the dedication and commitment you would expect of an organization at this level. Our mission is to provide our sponsors and our patients with the finest investigative and clinical services available. Our goal is to be the finest clinical research center in the country. We are committed to consistently exceed the expectations of our sponsors and CRO’s and to establish patient and corporate relationships based on excellence and integrity of our work.

Our staff includes six board certified physicians who conduct clinical studies for every major pharmaceutical company, both in the US and abroad, under the leadership of Andrew J. Pedinoff, MD, a nationally respected leader in allergy and respiratory research. All our study procedures are performed with strict SOPs, according to both internal and external guidelines.

  • Dedicated research facility in the Princeton, NJ area
  • Dedicated monitor room with high speed internet
  • Secured drug/device storage
  • Capability to easily accommodate extended patient stays and overnight stays
  • Extensive experience with pulmonary function testing
  • Fully equipped laboratory
  • Serial blood draws/ IV infusions
  • -20C and -70C freezers
  • Centrifuge
  • Nitrous oxide testing
  • EKG’s/ Holter monitoring
  • Methacholine Testing
  • Access to expanded radiology services
  • Pollen counting
  • Treadmill for exercise challenge
  • Stadiometry
  • Allergy skin testing
  • Ability to use central IRB
  • Emergency Medications/O2